Established 1998, a full service flower shop and shopping experience that will be unlike any other. Within our doors two floors of home accessories, plants, lamps, art, local artisans' creations and more await you.

How are we different For starters, our innovative approach to marketing and customer service. Through education and the ability to create a feeling, we hope to expand the way people view flower shops, making "flower-buying" a positive experience, and one that will remain as an exciting thought. 

Behind every corner you will find a new a fun twist of what is yet to come. We have a wide array of everything from old "Wausau " signs to collections of local artifacts, all mixed in with unique gifts and fresh plants that makes for a tour bound to keep you here for a while. So, stop in and take your time. Don't forget to head upstairs. You will be shocked if you don't find something that catches your eye. We look forward to seeing you. Even if it's just to lighten your day...